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Shree Industries has been a pioneer In formulations since 2005. 

With its backward integration veture to manufacture pesticide actives Shree Industries has carved a unique image in the market by offering a vast range of products to meet the plant protection needs for a wide range of crops. 

Shree Industries is a ISO Certified company primarily focused to provide quality products at competitive price with minimum customer service. 


Our formulation facilities are designed and engineered to produce wide range of pesticides / Bio pesticides / Herbicides / Fungicides / Micronutrients / Plant growth regulators formulations which Is a one-stop shop for meeting all plant protection requirements of the customer. Shree Industries has Invested heavily on infrastructure to meet both domestic and 1 international quality standards. Our flexible technical manufacturing facilities facilitate manufacture of various pesticides formulations depending on the requirement and demand. We have a tully automated tilling and production taclllty to formulate various types of pesticide formulations like Emuislfiable Concentrates (EC)Suspenslon Concentrates
(SC), Wettable Powders (WP), Water SolublePowders (SP), Encapsulated Granules (Gr.), Water Dispensible Granules (WDG). Our infrastructure and technology pave way to fulfill our customer’s requirements & needs.


At Shree Industries, Research and Development is a continuous process. Our tie-up with Various Agricultural universities and research centres in Indio hos given continuous product development and innovation. 

We help in improving of life the world’s population by supplying quality products that helps farmers increasing yields and crop quality to satisty global demand for food, feed, fibers and energy. 

We create results for our customers supplying broad range of quality crop protection products. We strongly believe In “Future is Agriculture”. 


The Quality control Division of Shree Industries is fully equipped and experienced to meet the most stringent demands of domestic as well as overseas clients. We believe that quality is that single most important aspect of our existence and presence. 

Vigorous tests are carried out under standard operating procedure (SOP). All raw materials and finished products undergoes thorough check to ensure defect free products are delivered to the customers. 


• Well-equipped laboratory with advanced high-end equipment. 

• Quality checks at all the stages of production. 

• Customized reports to ensure traceability. 

• Certification of all supplies with quality assurance report. 

• Continuous skill upgradation of Quality Control personnel. 

“Quality In a Service or Product is not what you put into ii. It’s what the Client or Customer gets out of ii” 


Well-equipped machinery to take care of bulk formulations for EC/ Dust/ WDG /WOP/ SP /SC/ FS/ Herbicides/Weedicides / Micro nutrients and Granules. 

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