Protection Of Sugarcane crops against “Borer” pests

Protection of sugarcane crops against the Borer pests

The most commonly harvested plant in the months from December to May is the humble sugarcane.

Sugarcane is an important crop in India, as it is the primary source of sugar production in the country. India is the world’s second-largest producer of sugarcane, after Brazil. The crop is grown extensively in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat. Besides sugar, sugarcane is also used for the production of molasses, ethanol, and jaggery. The cultivation of sugarcane plays a significant role in India’s agriculture and economy, providing employment opportunities to millions of people.

Research says that almost 20-25% of the sugarcane crop is lost to pests and insects. Some of the important pests that affect sugarcane plants are:

  • Early shoot borer
  • Internode borer
  • Top shoot borer
  • white flies
  • Sugarcane wolly aphid
  • Mealy bug
  • White grub
  • Scale Insects
  • Termites
  • Grass hopper

This blog covers Sugarcane crop protection against “Borer” pests.

Early Shoot Borer:

Early shoot borer can be easily seen in the sugar cane plants within 1 to 3 months. One can identify these pests as they are seen in white colored clusters of 3 to 5 rows. These pests attack the central shoot eating away all the internal tissue. Sugar cane plants just above the ground shows a lot of holes eaten away by shoot borers. These pests then migrate towards next shoots eventually destroying the entire crop if not identified and treated properly.

Controlling Early shoot borer:

The incidence of these pests can be reduced by planting the crop early in the season from December – January and ensuring adequate moisture in the soil and adequate temperature in the soil. The pest infestation can also be reduced by removing all tye dried shoots from the previous harvest.

Chemical treatment for Early Shoot Borer:

Chemical treatment for protecting the sugar cane crops from early shoot borer includes spraying of Carbofuran 3G followed by immediate irrigation and high volume spraying of Chlorpyriphos. Recommended products for treating Early Shoot Borers are Carbofuran 3G and CLASS

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Internode Borer:

Internode borer typically attacks the stem 3 months after planting and continues till harvesting. When the pests attack the plants, the internodes are shortened, constricted, damaged and causing redness around the nodes. There are a lot of boreholes seen near the nodes.

The pests enter the plants and they eat away the tissue and move up the shoot the entry hole is clogged with their excreta.  Since the plant shoots are damaged from the inside they can be easily broken with the wind also.

Controlling Internode borer:

The pests can be avoided by planting resistance free varieties, removing all dead leaves and shoots, avoiding excessive use of nitrogen fertilizers and above all monitoring crops regularly.

Chemical Treatment for Internode borer:

Chemical treatments for sugarcane protection includes spraying of Monocrotophos fortnightly or Carbofuran 3G if the shoots are severely damaged. Our recommendations are CARBOFURAN 3G

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Top Shoot Borer:

As the name suggests the pests are seen in the top portion of the shoot, typically seen on the top portion of the sugarcanes at the growing point of the plant. One can easily identify the top shoot borer infestation when a series of parallel holes are seen on the unfolded leaves.

Top shoot borers affect the top growing portion of the plant killing the plant tissue. Sugar canes becomes reddish brown colored and withered. Since the top shoot is affected, there is a lot of side shoots emerging giving rise to a bunchy appearance. 

Controlling Top Shoot borer:

The infestation of pests on sugarcane plant can be reduced by periodically collecting and destroying the eggs. Also, the dead heart plants should be removed. Care should be taken to avoid intercropping with maize and shorgum

Chemical treatment for Top Shoot Borer;

Chemical protection of sugarcane crops against Top shoot borer includes spraying of Carbofuran 3G. Spraying should be followed by light irrigation.    

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